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Need a door ready?
Use Readydoor

Speed, accuracy & quality all in one easy to assemble door frame.

Save time fitting your door using our Readydoor kit.

What is ReadyDoor?

ReadyDoor is Ireland's only fully machined, fully adjustable and primed door frame kit that can be assembled in minutes.

At ReadyDoor we understand that constructing a standard door frame can be expensive, time consuming and takes a lot of skill and effort. We take all the stress out of the process by having the door frames machined, primed and fully adjustable to fit any door on the market. Our ReadyDoor frames only take minutes to assemble and are ready for final coat of paint immediately.

No need for routing, filling, priming or sanding!

If fitting a fire frame/door please refer to your door manufactures fitting instructions.

Frequently asked questions

Does Readydoor sell doors?

No we do not sell or manufacture doors, only frames! We offer a door machining service.

How do I send my doors to Readydoor to be machined?

When ordering your doors from your merchant, instead of getting them delivered to your address, send them to our address!
Unit 8, Charvey Court, Rathnew Business Park, Rathnew, County Wicklow, A67 WR68

What tools do I need to assemble my Readydoor frame?

Drill, Saw, Leveller and Alan Key

What are the lead in times for Readydoor frames and machined doors?

4-5 days from receipt of doors!

Are the Readydoor fire frames certified?

Yes, they are certified as long as you follow your door manufacture's instructions and global assessment. We can check for you if your door is certified with our frame

Do all FD30 fire doors work with the Readydoor 30 min fire frame?

Our fire frame works with the majority of FD30 doors on the market. Check the global assesment of the door to make sure it is compatible or ask us and we an check for you!

What size frames does Readydoor offer?

We have a single door frame at 78″or 80″ and

4¼″ or 5¼″
We have a double door frame which takes from 2 x 24″ doors up to 2 x 34″ doors.
We have an oversized single frame (300mm) and oversized double door frame for an ope larger than 5¼″ up to 300mm.
We also offer the Readydoor fire frame in all sizes above!

"It's a very, very good system. 

On every project we will be using them"

-Brookmont Construction

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Speed, accuracy, efficiency & quality all in one easy to assemble door frame

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