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The door machining service

How it works & the benefits

When fitting doors there are two options. Option 1 is to buy the blank door and get a
carpenter to hang it for you or Option 2 is to get your doors pre-hung from a workshop.

Both options take a lot of organising, lead in times & money.

With the READYDOOR door machining service you can greatly reduce the lead in time required, all the hard machining is done for you so all you have to do is assemble & install it.

Saving you time & money in all aspects of the job.

How It Works

Simply order your doors from your merchant like normal. Fill out
the door handing paperwork of what way your door is swinging and the additional info.
Your merchant will order the doors to the
READYDOOR workshop
and we will machine them to your order and have them
back on a truck to your desired location in 4-5 working days from
receipt of doors.

What are the benefits of the service


  • 4-5 days turn around time, from receipt of doors. Pre-hung door sets are usually 3-12 weeks

  • READYDOOR will take anything from 1 door to 100’s of doors.

  • Most Pre-hung door companies won’t entertain small orders. READYDOOR will on both single & double doors

  • All the machining is done to match the READYDOOR frames & ironmongery

  • All your doors & frames will arrive on a pallet ready to be assembled

  • The frame & door can be assembled in minutes as all the work is done

  • The door & frame are easier to move – Handle on site for the end user

  • All the priming is done on the frame. Only needs final coat of paint


Untitled design (1) copy 5.png

Receiver and hinges routed out

Flush bolt routed out

Lock routed out

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