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Introducing Readydoor's brand new product, the Readydoor fire frame

The READYDOOR 30 min fire frame

Our single Readydoor 30 min fire frame kit comes in either a 78” or 80” high kit and is fully adjustable and reversible to allow the installer to fit the frame as a Left handed or Right handed door.

Our frames come fully machined to take all included ironmongery, Brush strips and ironmongery instumescents. All required holes are predrilled/pre-marked so no chiselling, routing, priming or sanding required. Everything you need to fit a Readydoor 30 min fire frame in one pack.

(selected receiver needs to be finished on installation)

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Why use a READYDOOR fire frame?

  • Everything you need to assemble your frame in one kit. Saving you the need to visit multiple retailers to create a traditional fire frame

  • All Readydoor frames come fully primed, machined and adjustable. Saving you a large amount of time and effort.

  • Readydoor's frames only take minutes to assemble, providing efficiency so you can easily hang multiple doors a day

  • Fully certified if installed as per your door manufacturers global assesmenassessment

Our READYDOOR fire frame products

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