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Over sized Door Frame Kit

The oversized frame is a 300mm READYDOOR Frame kit. It’s
fully machined, fully adjustable & reversible.
It comes with the door stops, ironmongery & required fixings
to assemble & install it.
It allows the end user to fit a frame in an ope that’s wider than
the standard 4.1/4” or 5.1/4”wall.

Benefits of the oversized frame



  • It can be assembled in less than a minute like the other READYDOOR kit

  • Is fully machined, Adjustable & reversible like all READYDOOR kits

  • Can work on a 9” block wall

  • Can work on an insulated or blobbed wall

  • Can work on a wall that has been broken through for an extension

  • Saves time & money on buying sheets of MDF to rip down to form liners

  • Will save time & money on labour & materials

  • Less waste on sheet materials as they aren’t required now


  • READYDOOR frame

  • Door stop

  • Frame screws​

  • Screw fixings

  • Lock & receiver

  • Wall plugs

  • Hinges & screws

  • Link for online instructions 

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